Winning a Contest: Another feather in my writing hat….

Recently there was a contest from Scrolling through my facebook, I happen to came across this contest and thought to give it a try. The terms & conditions for the contest by went like this - And the story was supposed to be woven in 200 words only. So, I decided to give it … Continue reading Winning a Contest: Another feather in my writing hat….


Those mysterious 9 passengers

Hi friends I am back again on my blog this time with a hilarious incident. Yeah yeah I know, the topic of this blog might have given you the presumption that this is a suspense story. But believe me, after reading it, you will definitely agree with me that for such a hilarious incident, nothing … Continue reading Those mysterious 9 passengers

My Eco friendly poems

I have wrote these poems for one of my Organic food client as a ThankYou gesture towards their customers. 1) We trap the CO2 inside the soil, This helps to reduce global warming. Thanks for shopping and consuming us, As we are the result of pure organic farming. 2) Seeing our mother earth falling ill, … Continue reading My Eco friendly poems

Hurray! It’s appreciation time.

A warm greeting to all my readers. Today while writing this post, I am feeling ecstatic and wanted to share the reason behind my excitement with you. Yesterday only I got associated with where a lot of writers get the opportunity to write on a freelancing basis. I kick started with my very first … Continue reading Hurray! It’s appreciation time.

5 Transforming SEO trends in 2017

Today’s SEO We are living in a technological era of state of the art innovation. A technology is invented and everyone starts competing in the race for its enhancement. SEO industry is also changing rapidly at a fast pace and to stay ahead in the ranking dominance race, it is very important to keep yourself … Continue reading 5 Transforming SEO trends in 2017