I have wrote these poems for one of my Organic food client as a ThankYou gesture towards their customers.

1) We trap the CO2 inside the soil,
This helps to reduce global warming.
Thanks for shopping and consuming us,
As we are the result of pure organic farming.

2) Seeing our mother earth falling ill,
A shiver ran down my spine,
I immediately called the doctor,
He diagnosed and said that her condition is not fine.
He prescribed a long list of treatments,
Otherwise I will lose her to be mine.
I started following the remedies in a haste.
From conserving energy to recycling waste.
From reducing pollution to organic consumption.
From plantation to water conservation.
Her condition started reaching a positive state.
I thank God and swear to her,
My buddies and I will always be her best caretaker.
We also thank you for buying organic,
That will help us in giving our mother earth, her one dose of tonic.



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