Writing is always a hidden treasure which has secretive paths. It involves continuous hunting. The more one tries to find out the clues, the closer he/she is on the road to generate numerous writing ideas and thoughts.

One such path which is the great road map towards getting creative thought provoking writing is the ambiance. We can call this place as a Writer’s workstation. This place has to be cozy, convenient, comfortable and on top of all super creative. It is then when you can actually feel the magic of your pen and you will start playing with words.

Today, I am taking you into my writing cocoon. This place is actually my creativity corner. It is the place where I am always with me penning down whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes, writing for myself, but most of the times, for my clients. This place and my work together cast their magical spell on me and I become the most relaxed, meditative and stress-free person here. In my personal opinion and with my experience so far, every writer must first create their writing nest and then become a free writing bird inside their sanctuary.

So let’s start exploring my workspace with some of my constructive ideas.

My first idea is that your working desk must be always tidy and organized. It should also be in a little isolation with the rest of the rooms to get a little private space of your own. For me, peaceful atmosphere is of utmost importance to get the flow and construction of thoughts and ideas. Plus a light music going on in the background will be an added advantage to keep up the momentum. A cup of coffee or tea will be an icing on the cake.


I always prefer to start up my writing flow with a series of steps which I prefer to call my Writing cycle. I have jotted them down on the small miniatures which keep me, reminding about the proper sequential approach and not to miss any important step. I will write them down here for your ease.


  • The briefs/ideas chair– reminds me to first collect the briefs from the clients. If I am writing for myself, then it reminds me to first come upon an idea or topic to write upon.
  • The Insight chair– reminds me to think upon the insight which the readers might be expecting from my particular copy or content or piece of writing.
  • The research chair– reminds me to do a thorough research based on the briefs and the insights.
  • The thoughts chair– reminds me that now I am at the stage where I have lots of thoughts which need to be written down.
  • The writing space TABLE– This is the space where I pen down all my thoughts as per my clients or my requirements into a draft.
  • The organizing armoire– Once I am done with my writing, this space reminds me to keep organizing all my writings in one place, i.e. my portfolio. This way I will always be ready to show all my works till date to my prospective clients or employers and most important to my readers.

And this is me @my workstation.


So this was a tour of my writing nest and my writing style as well. I hope you all enjoyed reading and visiting my world of imagination to origination and creation.

P.S. Please do not forget to leave your visiting experience in the space below. I am really looking forward to it.


7 thoughts on “Creative thought provoking workstation ambiance

  1. Wow what a beautiful space to pen down your thoughts…with such an ease you have jotted down things so well. .The miniatures are aptly used….You are on the right path and as a writer you will find many more laurels ahead…😊😊😊 long awaited post it was, though the wait seems to be worth it after reading it:))

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  2. Shraddha article bahut badia he isse prrna in logo Ko milegi jo writing work pasand karthe hemahhol PURA is article se samg me as Gaya,aur music ka tea, coffee ka SAB itna badia article he ki Jo bhi Himmat nahi kar Pathe Bo bhi article Ko padkar kai logo Ko sahi margdarsan milega but Me bhi God bless you

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  3. I agree my ‘work station’ is also my personal happy space. I always have music playing in my head phones so I can zone in and also have pictures of family & loved ones on my desk. One essential thing always on my desk is my note pad & pen to scribble down inportant things along with my water bottle as a few things to eat to boost my metabolism. P.S. Nice & cosy space you have 🙂


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