We are living in an era of digitalisation and today the requirement of every company is online promotion and growth. Among the many Digital marketing promotion factors, compelling Content plays a crucial role. So it is very important that for writing web content, the content in writing should be SEO optimized, contemporary and up to date. It is better to write the content in nice and simple words.

Before starting to write the content for any topic, the client’s requirement must be given prime focus. One should not start writing blindly without going through all the inputs from the client. Following steps are the handy tools which must be followed for doing effective and compelling content writing-

  • If the requirements are sent through email, it is better to jot them down separately in bulleted pointers. Read the mail two to three times to ensure the better understanding of the things. After this practice, now it is the best time to prepare the first draft of the content and in parallel keep a cross check on the bulleted pointers to come out with the exact desirable content.
  • Install a recording app on your mobile phone, I will tell you why? Most of the times it happens that even after reading the requirements, we, the Content writers generally need to communicate the client through a call for a better understanding of their expectations or many times, the client prefers to state their requirements totally over the call instead of email. So before taking the client call put your phone on Record the call mode, and then get connected with the client. This way you will be able to record each and every specification and you do not need to be on high alert to note the requirements of the ongoing call. After the call gets completed, save the recorded call and play it over again and then jot down all the specifications in the form of bulleted pointers. This practice will enable you to come up with the real client expected content in the first draft itself.
  • It is always a better practice to do thorough research after getting a clear understanding about the client’s specs. After research, keep the facts in mind and create the content with your own creativity. This way your content will always be 100% unique and appealing with all the relevant information put at the right places.
  • SEO keywords always play an important role in increasing the productivity of the website. So always ensures to put thoroughly researched keywords in your content maintaining the density, prominence, and proximity of the keywords through the entire content. I personally prefer Google Keyword Planner.
  • Install any grammar correction tool like Grammarly or Ginger which will keep correcting your grammar, punctuations, spellings, vocabulary etc while writing the content. After finishing with the writing, always reread the entire content twice; once in mind and second time loudly. This practice will make you pick out the flaws in the framing of proper sentences or other factual information etc. It is also better to let the document read by someone else (if any) so that, that person could easily point out the mistakes which we as an author might not be able to find.

These are some of the practices that I follow daily while writing anything. I am sure you might like this. I bet you these handy tips helped me greatly in improving myself gradually and my content has been liked and looked appealing and up to the mark to all my clients.

I am also open to all the suggestions and advice from my peers and fellow writers since I personally feel that “One can never stop learning”. The path to learning will always keep honing and upgrading your skills.

So keep learning, keep improving and most important of all, Keep Writing because writing daily is the best master which can teach you improvisation and hone your talent to reach another level. Also read 5 Transforming SEO trends in 2017


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