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We are living in a technological era of state of the art innovation. A technology is invented and everyone starts competing in the race for its enhancement. SEO industry is also changing rapidly at a fast pace and to stay ahead in the ranking dominance race, it is very important to keep yourself updated with the changing SEO trends in 2017.

Let us take a look at the expecting future search engine optimization trends as a measure to never have a back seat in terms of search engine rankings.

1) Speed up & get ahead with the AMPs (Accelerated mobile pages)

Nowadays one of the vital sources of Google searches is through the mobile devices. So the latest and futuristic favourite SEO trend in 2017 will be more and more websites going through some simple code changes and switching to AMP i.e. an open source protocol, the implementation of which on your web pages can help to load your website on to the mobile devices at speed four times faster than their HTML versions and moreover they will consume eight times less data as well.  Our latest sources have hinted that those sites which have AMP web pages are getting SEO ranking one point higher than the non-AMP ones. So what are you waiting for? Gear up your webmasters to get the AMP structural changes done fast. In a short time, we will see a drastic number of companies tuning in with this rising trend.

2) Write crisp and deliver quality: Denser content

I searched for some article on Google, I got it on different websites, but in the process, I have to go through almost entirely the same content over and over again in varying lengths, as till now length was a critical factor in determining SEO. Sure this is too boring and the same fact gets the search engines face boredom. The rising SEO trend is Content Density which means delivering appealing information in the form of ‘per word value’. For e.g. I have written an article which is of 1000 words but it passes relevant information only in the form of 250 words then my other 750 words will be a nuisance. So Google has asked websites to deliver content which should be valued in terms of function and not in the form i.e.

  • Web sites should deliver content which focuses on per word value to maintain the content density.
  • Denser content will result in a crisp and concise material which will provide a valuable and meaningful reading to the audiences by cutting the crap.

3) Rake in higher SEO ranking with Personal branding

One of the top SEO strategies in 2017 will be the craze of personal branding. Your business can gain momentum in heaps and bounds with this rising SEO trend where Google is expecting to promote its algorithm of personal branding over corporations which has immense power in capturing guest posts, links, podcasts, and top of all, the customers. Likewise, Facebook is following the trend of promoting profile posts over page posts which mean that brand accounts will not be the crème of leveraging the businesses.

Companies should start electing their CEO or other willing employees as their personal branding face and they should regularly keep highlighting on blog posts, social media platforms. They must start working on building industrial and social relationships and should prove themselves as the social leader. Once your face becomes the talk of the town, then nobody can stop your brand in becoming top class eventually.

4) Shine high and secure with HTTPS

Security is an essential factor while working online. At times when there is a transfer of money or personal information through the internet, people feels safe when after looking at the different aspects of a particular site, they get the assurance about the security, and one of these factors is the green padlock in the URL bar.

Google recognizes this padlock during its search and gives preference to those sites which apply SSL or the new TSL encryption aka (HTTPS sites).

So keeping the future SEO guidelines in mind, the webmasters should not ignore this signal from Google as HTTPS is going to become an ever important SEO trend.

5) Knocking opportunity for Voice search algorithm

After the launch of sophisticated voice search software like Siri, Cortana, Google voice etc. People are becoming smarter with greater use of voice recognition software.  Due to this rising trend, Google will begin to display search results based on user’s voice intent rather than giving value to the written words. So another SEO trend will be conversational Keyword Optimization in 2017.

Speculative Talk

It is fairly impossible to deduct which forecast will go to be really taken in action by Google but for following the best SEO practices, it is absolutely important to remain updated about the latest SEO trends if you always want to be a game player in the digital marketing world.



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