From my childhood, I always have been the type of girl who has to grapple a lot for getting everything, be it small things or the big ones. I use to stand in front of God and pray to the almighty, Ki “Hey Bhagwan please meri ye wish puri kar do, iske baad me aapse kuch nhi mangungi”. Hearing the prayer of an innocent child, God often granted me my wishes as those were very midget things. Since, every simple thing I wished for, has often come to me after too much struggle and invocation, I gradually developed a habit of making things according to my choice by praying them to God whenever I wanted, as I was under the phobia that if I will not pray to God, my choice of wishes will not happen, this way I started becoming superstitious.

By being in the credulous state, I really forgot how to enjoy my present life and what best things my Deity has blessed me with, I always used to be worrying about the things which were not going according to my wishes and choices, and my obsession turned me into becoming more and more illusory person. My Pooja and offerings to God also became selfish day by day. I used to talk with God in a galling tone. Once when I was too desperate for one of my prayer to come true, I asked for the same to God regularly twice a day. Finally, when He did not answer my orison, I was very irate. Some days passed by being anguish. Suddenly, one day I somehow realized, what I was trying to do till now? I was always trying to Invoke Almighty with my desires and then I thought it was completely my improper action. From that day, I totally stopped asking or rather Ordering His Almighty to grant me things according to my fancy. But on the contrary, I started Thanking God for each and everything He has granted my life with. I discerned that, God has really planned things well for me. After that day, believe me, I have started enjoying my Present life without unnecessary worrying about the midget things in life.

That single day, I got message from God that “My Child I don’t want you to be Mythical but I always want you to be Pragmatic“.


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