Hi everyone, this is me. I am a passionate writer, a die hard yoga practitioner, a fashion enthusiast and a keen learner. And on top of all, I am a person who loves myself very much.


To begin with, I were a Software Testing professional once upon a time. My family responsibilities then forced me to take a home break. When it was time to resume, my mind was taking me back towards the technical field but my heart was against it. So this time, I really went along with my heart. This led to the beginning of me putting my hobby and passion of writing into words. Now, I am a full time creative Content/Copywriter and a fashion blogger. As I feel that when a person finds doing something that soothes his/her entire body, mind and soul, that thing is surely a treat for that human being’s overall personality. My trait is expressing my experiences, views, opinions by penning them down.

You can meet the real me here at my blog.

Love Yourself and live yourself. Happy Reading!

Cheers from your Pen friend

Shraddha 🙂